How To Setup TP-Link Wi-Fi Router

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Wi-Fi internet connection has become a part and parcel of our day to day life and highly influencing our activities. We need an internet connection for almost all of our daily tasks like booking tickets, studying, listening to music and many more things. A hassle free connection, to get their work done without having to wonder about the interruptions is always needed. TP-Link provides just the exact experience with its routers that let you stream every possible thing without any buffer or whatsoever.

With a very vast range of networking products in the market, TP-Link is one of the world’s leading brands in providing its customers with a flawless data streaming experience. Having been in the industry for over two decades now, TP-Link has established an impeccable reputation among the networking industry giants of being the global leader in the field, and if they continue to reach their users the way they currently do, none of its competitors would ever be able to replace them.

The routers that TP-Link manufactures are made keeping in mind the ease that a user needs while using, setting, or customising the device up. With a router made by such a brand, you don’t have to stress about a single thing at all. You are always a few easy steps away from “how” and “what” to do with your router.

With the Archer AC3150, powered with MU-MIMO Technology, the user does not have to wait to receive an optimal connection speed over multiple devices. Unlike SU-MIMO devices, Archer AC3150 communicates with every connected device all at once. The dual band wireless networking feature of this product lets you consume the data at a combined network speed of up to 3150Mbps. Powered with a 1.4GHz Dual-Core Processor; the TP-Link Archer AC3150 ensures a smooth and simultaneous streaming and gaming with no delay.

A combined Internet speed of up to 3200Mbps can be attained over one 2.4GHz (600Mbps) and 5GHz (1300Mbps each) with the tri-band technology in TP-Link AC3200 (Archer). With the help of 6 antennas, AC3200 covers more than enough area.

Setup your TP-Link Wi-Fi Router:

Setting Up your Wi-Fi Router would not take much of your time or effort. With the web based setup method, it is a very easy and handy process. You just have to follow the steps given below to finish the setup process of your device.

  • Connect your router to the computer with an Ethernet RJ45 cable.
  • Connect one port of the Ethernet cable to the LAN port of the router and the other end to the LAN port of the computer.
  • In a web browser, enter the IP address of your device in the address bar.
  • Use admin as both the login credentials and press ‘OK.’
  • Select your Region and Time Zone and then press ‘Next.’
  • Now select your WAN type. If you are not aware of it, press the ‘Auto Detect’ button.
  • Either keep the wireless changes to default or customize them according to your ease.
  • Click the ‘Save’ button, run the Internet Test.
  • Then click the ‘Finish’ button to complete the setup
  • Reboot the router for the configuration to take place.

There might be some of the problems you will face after having completed the installation. Here’s how you can get out of the issues.

What if the Login window does not appear?

  1. Make sure your computer automatically obtains an IP address
  2. or the IP Address, whatever you use, must be correctly entered.
  3. Reboot the router and try it once again.

Some easy steps, and your TP-Link Wi-Fi Router is all set to provide your place with a buffer free internet connection.

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