Resetting the TP-Link wireless routers

TP-Link Archer D9 AC1900

TP-Link wireless routers are although much rugged, efficient and easy to use wireless networking devices. However, still the machine can malfunction and this malfunctioning mainly occurs due to some human error. Most of the times the router needs to be reset when the user forgets the login credentials like the router login password.

On the off chance of forgetting the login password of the router, the user is left with no other option but to reset the router. However, if you have forgotten the login password don’t panic as we have covered it all for you. Just go through this blog describing the detailed process for resetting the TP-Link wireless router.

There are basically two ways of resetting you TP-link router.

  • Reset through the reset button
  • Reset through the web-based interface of the router (

TP-Link Archer D9 AC1900
Go through the instruction set carefully to reset the password of the router and make sure that you don’t miss out any step mentioned below or else you won’t be able to reset the router in that case.

  • It is assumed that your router is already switched on and connected to the computer system.
  • Insert a pinpointed object like a pin (paper pin) deep into the pinhole of the router where the reset button is given.
  • Hold the reset button for at least 10 seconds or till the lights on its display panels gets off and on.
  • Your TP-Link wireless router is now reset to its original factory settings and all the crucial personal as well as configurationally important information is erased. The user will now need to configure the router all again in order to make the router usable for internet and networking services.

Resetting through the web-based interface (

TP-Link Archer D9 AC1900

One another method of resetting the router is through the web interface of the router. Read the instructions mentioned below carefully for successfully resetting the router.

  • Connect the router/modem to the computer system and switch on the power supply of the router.
  • Once the connection has been established, open the web browser and access the router’s admin page through the web domain or through its default IP
  • Enter the login username and password of the TP-Link router to get into the home page of the router setup.
  • After successfully accessing the web portal of the TP-link wireless router, look out for the System admin page and click the reset tab.
  • On clicking the reset tab, the lights of the router will go off and on giving it a power cycle.
  • Your router will be reset to its factory settings in no time erasing all the data written in its memory.

Important to remember

  • The users must remember that the router must be configured again after the reset has been done on the router.
  • It is recommended that the router should be reset through the reset button given on the back of the router panel.
  • Also if you are resetting the router through the web interface (, then access the router setup page through the easier web addresses i.e.

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